Electricity / Levy Exempt Services


Regardless of the size of your electricity supply, whether single or multi-site, whether monthly or quarterly metered, businesses can generally make savings by tendering their contracts. Electricity supply prices are continually changing, pushing contract prices up – therefore it will generally be beneficial to test the market on every occasion that a contract is coming to an end, to ensure the most favourable renewal contract is selected.

  • Collate all site information to enable the tender process to proceed.
  • Prepare tender documents and pricing schedules.
  • Analyse all the offers received and produce a summary report to assist the client’s decision.
  • Liaise with the successful supplier through the contract completion and registration process and resolve any site objections that are received.
  • Administer all billing and contractual issues for the duration of the electricity contract and assist with the resolution of problems.
  • Ongoing management of the electricity contract renewal process.
Biomass and Levy Exempt Services

In these times of increased environmental awareness C.E.D Ltd appreciates that clients may wish to purchase green energy tariffs with energy from renewable sources to help reduce their associated carbon emissions.

We deal with many suppliers who can provide green energy at a price premium comparable to brown energy; however the client would then no longer be charged climate change levy resulting in an overall saving. Clients opting green energy tariffs of this type would be provided with the relevant climate change exemption certificates.